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Pakistani food extravaganza boosts Sino-Pakistani cultural communication

Date:2018-01-22 13:34Source:eng.yidaiyilu.gov.cnBy:Liu YueEditor:BellaViews:7439
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Pakistani food extravaganza boosts Sino-Pakistani cultural communication. (Photo from People’s Daily Online)

The Pakistani embassy on Wednesday launched a food extravaganza in Beijing, in an effort to deepen the two nations' communication and cooperation, as well as providing Chinese citizens a chance to enjoy Pakistani culture.

Massod Khalid, the Pakistani ambassador, made a keynote speech during the opening ceremony of the food extravaganza, attaching great importance to people connectivity and cultural bonds.

"The food festival is a catalyst for enhancing the cultural cooperation between the two nations, serving as a great opportunity for [Chinese guests] to experience Pakistani food with its trademark aroma and spices," said the ambassador, who expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for providing support to the festival.

In addition to the welcoming speech, the ambassador also sent wishes to Chinese citizens for the upcoming Spring Festival, highlighting the importance of the profound friendship between people from both nations.

“We're happy if our Chinese friends are happy. On behalf of Pakistan and the Pakistani people, I wish to extend warm congratulations to our Chinese friends for the upcoming Spring festival,” the ambassador told People's Daily Online. 

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